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Self Contained Breathing Apparatus

Protective Spectacles

Venus - Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
IS 10245: Part 2 : 1994 approved

Protection Factor
• Nominal Protection Factor (NPF) - 50000

Head Strap in flame retardant material

Silicon Full Face mask
• Toric lens for wide vision
• Shock resistant & scratch resistant
• Easy & quick to use & low maintenance

Demand Valve
• Turns the air into a suitable pressure level for human body
• Prevents fogging on the visor

Dual Quick Release Coupling
• Facilitates instant coupling & decoupling with
• Auxiliary outlet for emergency rescue

Water Proof Remote Pressure Gauge With Alarm
• Denotes Air flow pressure from Cylinder
• Handy when Cylinder is back-mounted

Adjustable waistband
With quick release buckles

Reflective flame retardant Harness
For high Visibility
Withstands high temperatures

Pressure gauge on cylinder
Denotes Cylinder Pressure at standby mode

Pressure Reducing Valve
Turns high air pressure into medium

• CCOE /PESO Approved

Cylinder Material of Construction
• Carbon Composite - Light weight
• MS– Mild Steel

Warning Alarm with Pressure Gauge
• Warning alarm will buzz when pressure falls below 5.5 Mpa

Pressure Reducing Valve
• Reduces high-pressure air , to medium pressure through the air
hose to the demand valve for breathing

Accessories : All fitting in SS 316 - Corrosion & rust resistant

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Suggested Applications

    • Fire fighting
    • Petroleum
    • Chemical
    • Metallurgy
    • Mining
    • Medical
    • Neuclear Industry
    • Light Industry
    • Energy and utilities